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Created by the industry, for the industry.


RIGA is an independent hospitality advanced furniture testing house. Created by the industry wanting trusted professional clarity on furniture safety and supply in challenging public sector environments. Our expertise makes Rigabrands the premiere place for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to get their furniture tested.

We had products tested to severe British standards failing in the hospitality environment. We realised hospitality needs its own endurance and furniture testing standards. This is how RIGA was born!

The world's first hospitality dedicated endurance standard. Created by the industry, for the industry. 


Experience Advanced Furniture Testing Standards

The hospitality sector has unique requirements that have not been tested for. Two examples of this are:

  • Trolleys, serving equipment and industrial cleaning machines all impact furniture life in the hospitality sector.

  • Chairs on tables whilst floor cleaning is carried out, which fall off causing failure.

We at RIGATEST ensure our clients get the best quality products by using modern technology for our furniture product testing.


We are all aware that a single sample doesn’t necessarily result in quality in production. To ensure a RIGA quality assured product is delivered we conduct various sophisticated furniture testing in the UK including a series of dimensional, build and strength batch tests are provided to be applied either at source production or on receipt of goods passing the furniture testing standards. For every product produced a RIGA label – these are electronic with a URN and issue date is provided. Any product in the market bearing the RIGA label can be identified on the RIGA website to clarify authenticity and supplier information. FSC sourced timber is used for manufacturing.

"Like a chassis number on a car."


RIGA™ Check up, is a annual or bi-annual site visit inspection of the condition of furniture on the estate. This is carried out by qualified furniture technicians and includes minor maintenance solutions e.g. feet, a missing screw etc. This furniture product testing is done in a specialised testing lab using our state of the art technology and following the specified furniture testing standards. 

A report is issued after the visit on the condition of the furniture and logged onto the RIGA™ website. This adds weight in the event of claim on ageing furniture, that the furniture was fit for purpose at that date. You can be seen a business unit applying global compliance, diligently. Also a valuable tool for Estate management – give large companies access to information on each piece of furniture on the whole estate.


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