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Penguin Sanitiser


Foot operated units that safely dispense hand gel or sanitiser.

Our very own Penguin dispensers have been specifically designed to protect your clients, colleagues and visitors. 


  • Non captive, can use any liquid or gel sanitiser

  • Takes a 5L tub at a time for longer lasting use

  • Non electric mechanism

  • Available as standard in a black and white powder coated finish. Customisable dispensers available on application.

  • Heavy duty unit, easily cleaned and maintained

  • Can be floor fixed for security

  • Manufactured in Europe & UK 

  • Registered Design EUIPO 007871926

Rigasan supplies hand sanitiser gel dispensers with touchless capabilities and bespoke customisation. A Penguin Dispenser is a modern floor standing sanitiser unit that is 'foot operated' dispensing just the right amount of hand sanitiser to keep your hand's germ-free. 
Today, hand wash and sanitiser dispenser stands are the key to maintaining the safety in public areas. Sanitiser dispensers are just a small step towards basic hygiene. This next-generation hand sanitiser station, assures the public that you and your business, care about their wellbeing of your staff and customers. ​


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