A collection of products and services to create safe products, safe environments and confidence for your staff, colleagues and customers...


Recent times have taught us that our ways may have to change, with that in mind we are helping our clients to rebuild confidence in their spaces…  Be it a restaurant, a workspace, a hotel a gym or a shop, hygiene needs to be on view and accessible, social distancing measures need to be adapted. How can we make this cool?   RIGASAN solutions keeping in line with your brand.

RIGATEST is an independent hospitality furniture testing house. Created by the industry wanting trusted professional clarity on furniture safety and supply in challenging public sector environments. We had products tested to severe British standards failing in the hospitality environment. We realised hospitality needs its own endurance standard... RIGATEST WAS BORN! The world's first hospitality dedicated endurance standard. Created by the industry, for the industry.


RIGASAFE is a range of products and services aimed at the takeaway and drive-thru market. Working with key brands and clients to develop innovative products that will ensure food handling and packaging is secure and safe, giving a better experience for your customer.


RIGA is an established company with the brand RIGATEST providing accreditations for safe furniture in the contract market. RIGASAN and RIGASAFE have been developed alongside to provide safe spaces for public areas. Having experience in the hospitality, retail and workspace we have developed a number of products around sanitisation and social distancing. Design is paramount for spaces and we are developing products that will enhance the space and not be detriment to the design.

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