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Safety and Sanitisation 

Creating safe spaces & environments

Recent times have taught us that our ways may have to change, with that in mind we are helping our clients to rebuild confidence in their spaces…  Be it a restaurant, a workspace, a hotel a gym or a shop, hygiene needs to be on view and accessible, social distancing measures need to be adapted. How can we make this cool?   RIGASAN solutions keeping in line with your brand.

Products & Services

Hand sanitiser manufacturers

Dispensers and
Wash Stations

A range of well designed products that are robust for the commercial sector but have a design edge. Our very own Penguin dispensers have been specifically designed to protect your clients, colleagues and visitors keeping their hygiene in mind. 

hand sanitiser manufacturers

Screens &
Divider Solutions

With the social distancing measures in place we have a unique range of screen divider solutions to help put your policies in place. Aesthetics and design can be lost quickly if you use the wrong products so we have designed ours around the sectors where experience matters!

hand sanitiser manufacturer in the UK

Space Assesments

Designing spaces can be a challenge at the best of times, whilst balancing aesthetic, ambience and ROI. Now we have to add 'wellness' 'hygeine' and social distancing implications. Our consultancy designers can help out wit your venue, office or establishment by walking through a space assesment.

antibacterial wipes manufacturers

Wipes and
sanitiser products

You will need to keep topped up and have availability of quality and reliable products, Rigasan being the best hand sanitiser manufacturer in the UK have a good supply chain and stocks of wipes, sanitiser, and other consumables.

Personal Packs 


Back to work is inevitable and to give your team confidence to return and work efficiently hand out these personal packs by Rigasan - the best hand sanitiser manufacturers in the UK, will cover all the basic hygiene requirements you need to make yourself feel healthy and safe.

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